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Hey Emma

It sounds like my roomie, except i mean we talk and everything...

If u need someone to talk to remember we are all here for each other no matter what, and i am more than happy to get calls from you guys. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU GUYS CALL

Well anyway on the plus side im happy that ur scab is going away

Well got to go to my first class... im so nervous

Lots of love,


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So, I am hecka bored right now. There is nothing for me to do at all. Everyone went on some bus tour of San Diego. I'm stuck here because I'm not 18. Yay!!! Yesterday I went to Black's beach. It's a nude beach. Kinda weird with old naked guys. I went with Sunny. She's joining a sorority.
Anyways, parties here are lame. They're all off campus and far away because there aren't any frats around school. La Jolla doesn't allow it. so what else do I want to talk about. Send me mail you'll!!!!
So I want to ask you all a question. Do you hang out with any of your roommates or suitemates? I heard from Katie she doesn't get along with a lot of them, but I hang out with mine a lot.

did i do this right?!

Hey Guys

Haven't heard from you guys in a while. I hope everything is okay, me, I am incredibly homesick during the night :( But other than that I guess I am doing well. My roommate is slowly opening up to me, she is very concerned about her appearances and has to wear like all the "fashionable" clothes. She has not slept in the dorm for the past two nights which i guess is nice. She is the type that likes to party and everything that i really am not into. Actually, I am quite surprised at the amount of people that party. Emma was there A LOT of people like that at UCSB?!

Well if you guys have nothing to do at night, feel FREE to call cause i am usually at my dorm and bored :(!! But i am so homesick, i miss showering without slippers(flip flops), i miss my bed, and everything else.
But like Emma said, "It gets easier." I can't wait until that day..

And Alex Furukawa, have you gotten another soul mate?? Talk to you all VERY VERY soon HOPEFULLY :)

I love you all!!!!

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Hello everyone. I'm finally settled in and stuff. I couldn't find the post where everyone had my address, but here it is.

Wanda Chin
9450 Gilman Dr. #924539
La Jolla, CA 92092

yay!! also I got an AIM thing so my sn is partypooper2888. Add me ya'll because i have no friends.

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Hello peeps. How goes it? So right now I'm packing and stuff. And it's finally hit me that I'm going to college. For the first time, I actually feel a bit nervous and anxious. A bit excited too. From now on we won't be living at home anymore. and that just scares me. Anyways, I should go back to packing. Ciao.

Hey, I think I figured it out.

So, there is no way to reach Laura so here it goes. Laura, when do you leave for school because Leah is coming to visit. Call me. Oh I also found out where I'll be living. It seems I didn't get put in the Wilderness House, but rather the Heath and Fitness one with all the fun that entails. Ohh...darn.